Best Bike for Heavy Riders in 2023

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Are you overweight? Then finding the perfect bike can be challenging but surely not impossible to do. Cycling is a good form of exercise that could help you lose some pounds. But in the meantime, you should find a model that could easily endure the excess weight.

Whether you are looking for a mountain bike for big guys or the best bike for plus-sized women, we have a list of the top 7 models 2022 offers, so you are bound to find one that fits your needs. 

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Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Best 7 Bike for Heavy Riders in 2023

Not all bikes are made for overweight riders. Most are powerful enough to endure a weight of more than 250 pounds, which can leave you like you are out of options. To find the perfect bike for heavy riders, we have gathered a list of some that meet your needs. 

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike – Best Overall

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

A top-rated brand for more than four decades, Mongoose provides a wide array of bikes that can deal with the most challenging trails. The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike is one of them. 

The Dolomite is one of the best bikes for heavy people who needs comfort. It is the perfect entry-level fat bike because it’s reasonable. You can also ride this bike at half the cost of an advanced fat bike, which might not even feature the same features.

This bike has no weight limit, so it would be an excellent choice for overweight riders between 5’6” and 6’. However, manufacturers said that they often test their bikes at 300 pounds. 

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame and the big tires, you won’t need to worry about anything. The bike is elegantly designed and is available in three color options. 


  • It has a heavy-duty steel frame
  • It looks like a high-end bike
  • There are 7-speed twist shifters
  • Disc brakes up front and at the rear have great stopping power 
  • It is made of quality materials 


  • It has a limited lifetime warranty 
  • The bike is restrictive for people with low-fitness levels 

2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike – Best Suspension System

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is one of the best bikes for a 300-pound woman. It is a famous model with a lightweight frame that enables you to reach high speeds. It also features a padded saddle for that maximum comfort that will not cause any irritation to your rear.

We are impressed by the 21-speed shifters that ensure good performance on smooth, inclined surfaces, uphill climbs, and tough terrains. This bike for heavy riders offers big and thick wheels that play a crucial role in helping you ride faster on an array of surfaces.

This bike has a front suspension fork for a smooth ride without putting much weight on the frame. Thus, you can easily ride on paved pathways or bumpy tracks while the suspension system absorbs unnecessary shock. 

The Schwinn Discover bike boasts an alloy twist shifter with 4-finger brake levers. Therefore, it’s simple to bring the bike to a halt without twisting your wrists. It comes with fenders to keep stones, grime, and dirt away from the bike.


  • It has a user-friendly brake system
  • The suspension system is dependable and absorbs shocks
  • Comfortable and fun to ride 
  • It features a step-through aluminum frame
  • Matching rear carrier and fenders
  • 21-speed SRAM grip shifters and Shimano rear derailleur


  • It might be too big for riders under 5’3” in height

3. Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike – Best for Speed Control

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a mountain bike that can accommodate more than 300 pounds, the Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike should be your bet. Its most remarkable feature is its fat tires that allow you to enjoy cycling in different conditions, from rough terrain to snow, mud, and rain.

This bike can carry heavy riders up to 500 pounds with ease. It can endure heavier weight without adding strain to the bike. Also, it measures more than 4 ¼ inches in width, helping to keep you more stable during your rides. 

The bike comes with a rear and front disc brake for stopping power. That means you can ride this bike in various weather conditions without putting your safety in danger. What’s more, the braking system enables you to be more adventurous when riding. 

The Mongoose Malus is built with a steel frame, which might not be the most lightweight material of all. Nevertheless, it means the bike can endure a heavier weight, making it perfect for heavy riders. 


  • It has dependable rear and front disc brakes
  • It can comfortably carry up to 500 pounds
  • It has wide, thick tires for stability 
  • It has rigid suspension for added control
  • It has a 7-speed system
  • The alloy steel frame material makes the bike durable 


  • The steel frame may decrease pick-up speed 

4. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle – Best Leisure Bike for Plus-Sized Women

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle is another bike for heavy riders specifically designed for comfort. This is a durable cruiser bike and has good value for money.

The bike is furnished with Coaster brakes that make coming to a halt or slowing down simple. You can cycle in reverse to engage the brake. That key feature makes this bike a firm favorite for most beginner bikers.

Have we mentioned that this bike has excellent features? That makes it even more feminine. One of the standout features of this bike is it’s made of steel—the strongest material a bike can be made from.

On top of that, the handlebars are spacious and padded, confirming it as a real cruiser bike that is meant for a relaxing ride. Ultimately, the shock absorbers of the Firmstrong Cruiser Bike have made it a safe ride even on rough terrains. 


  • It is sized for women from 5 to 6 feet tall
  • It has an oversized seat with dual springs for extra comfort
  • Wide handlebars with foam grips
  • White-wall balloon tires for a comfortable and cushioned ride
  • 15 inches durable steel frame and aluminum wheels
  • It is 26 inches single-speed cruiser 


  • Not suitable for tall women 
  • Heavy to transport 

5. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike – Best for Rough Terrains

Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

Schwinn has made the Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike with weighty riders in mind, so you could have a bike that’s designed to last no matter what. The aluminum frame for this bike for heavy riders will keep it sturdy and strong, while the front suspension adds comfort for terrain riding.

You can cruise through any obstacle thrown your way with its 24 speeds. Both the front and rear derailleurs shift smoothly. Thanks to that gear system, you can be confident of getting a flawless riding experience on most of terrains. 

This is also a durable choice for heavy riders who wish to stay active. We love how Bonafide has a weight limit of 300 pounds. 

They are also double-wall alloy rims. They are lightweight but reasonably robust. It even comes with 25-inch wide knobby tires. Such tires are born ready for challenging and bumpy terrains. Thus, you can expect to get an improved level of handling and control. 


  • Simple to assemble
  • It has the proper suspension on the front
  • It uses a quality aluminum frame
  • It features mechanical disc brakes
  • It boasts a 24-speed gear system 


  • It might come with a flimsy chain 

6. Redfire Adult Mountain Bike – Best for Trail Riding

Redfire Adult Mountain Bike

The Redfire Adult Mountain Bike features a lightweight yet strong aluminum frame. It achieves a higher overall durability level thanks to the quality of the materials it has. There are alloy rims on the rear wheel that are light in weight. 

This bike for heavy riders comes with all-terrain tires for smooth trail riding. Those tires can easily tread on most of them on and off-road environments without displaying any problems. It also boosts the control and handling level. With the Redfire Adult bike, riding on tough terrains or rift zones won’t be that much of a challenging task.  

You can find a suspension fork on the front of the bike. It does a great job of absorbing dips, shocks, and bumps on the road. Thanks to that, you can experience a comfortable and smooth overall mountain biking experience. 

As the shift and brake cables route through the frame, you don’t need to worry about the wires wearing down fast. That routing system will make this bike accomplish a sleek and clean look. The unit will also be shipped to you in a 90% form, making the installation fuss-free. 


  • It boasts internal cable routing
  • The fork has a locked design
  • It has a proper suspension fork on the front
  • It features all-terrain tires
  • It comes with a strong yet lightweight frame 


  • It has cheap stickers on top 

7. Heybike Ranger Electric Bike – Best for Electric Bikers

Heybike Ranger Electric Bike

If you are looking for an electric bike that can accommodate heavy riders, the Heybike Ranger Electric Bike is your best option. This electric bike has a 330 pounds weight capacity, and it’s equipped with bigger batteries to guarantee long charge life and is ideal for outdoor riding. 

Everything on this bike is made with comfort in mind. There are a lot of comfort points on this electric bike, such as fat tires, relaxed riding position, comfort grips, suspension fork, comfort saddle, and suspension seat post. All those parts come together with any added work from the rider. 

The Heybike Ranger has a maximum range of 48 miles on a single charge. With that range, you can easily make it around town, or perhaps downtown and back, with more charge left for the trip. 

It also has a surprising payload of 330 pounds, which indicates the strong rear cargo rack can earn its keep. The rear and front have integrated lights to keep visibility high. Also, the 500 watts motor can make short work of hills, and the added brake lights can easily and safely descend the hill. 


  • It has a top speed of 20 miles per hour 
  • It features an all-in-one display unit
  • It can accommodate 330 weight rider capacity 
  • An electric horn is installed 
  • It has a 48-volt 15aH lithium battery 
  • 500 watts brushless gear motor 


  • It may come with defective parts 

Buying Guide

We have also looked at some of the essential features you must consider to help you pick the ideal bike for your style. Check out these vital components before you make the final decision. 

1. Handlebar

The shape of the handlebar impacts your performance and comfort when riding. Handlebars with a flat profile could spread the pressure across the hand, helping avoid any hand discomfort. If you have a bigger hand, consider a flatter top. 

2. Bike Frame Materials

We suggest opting for an aluminum frame, along with aluminum forks. This material is lightweight yet strong. You can cycle fast without the weight of the bike holding you back. Steel is another preferred option, but steel-frame bikes are not ideal for overweight riders. 

3. Brake Type

The mechanical brake can be cheap, making it suitable for beginners on those on a budget. Hydraulic brakes bring you to a smooth stop and are responsive too. You don’t need to apply much force to the brakes to stop. However, they are expensive.

4. Bike Suspension

A full suspension system provides the most protection and is more expensive. It is ideal for cyclists traveling on rough trains. Meanwhile, hardtail suspension will suffer if you are riding on smooth roads. For other riders, it’s the preferred option. 

5. Wheel Size

Choosing the perfect wheel size for your bike is important for comfort and stability. To choose the perfect wheel size for you, always consider your riding style and height.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do You Pick the Best Bike for Heavy Riders?

The rule of thumb is that the wider the bike’s wheel, the stronger it is. Wider wheels also offer more traction to guarantee a stable ride and improve rider confidence. Consider the nature of treads on the bike’s tire too.

Q: Is It Dangerous to Ride a Bike if Overweight?

Being overweight is not a concern when it comes to cycling. You can bike through all conditions and terrains. There are no limits for riders riding on a fat-tire bike. 

Q: Can You Lose Weight While Riding a Bike?

Yes. Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises that can help you shed some pounds and get more fit. You’ll also get stronger legs. 


We rate the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike as the best bike for heavy riders. It can comfortably handle weights up to 300, making it convenient and versatile for most adults. Alternative, the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike and Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike are wonderful alternatives.

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