Best Electric Drift Trike for Adults – A Complete Guide

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Trikes and their 3-wheeled builds have long been a great alternative to a standard bike for those that find balancing on 2-wheels a challenge. They offer enough stability, which can be practical for seniors or those with mobility or disability problems. 

Like a traditional electrical bike, Best Electric Drift Trike for Adults can offer that additional support. That suggests it can enable those who cannot pedal or have limited capacity the chance to get out on the roads much more easily.

Other typical trikes can have a more significant storage attachment, making them famous pedal-powered cruisers. The added increase of the motor from an electric trike means the added weight being carried isn’t such a problem.

On top of that, trikes can be safer for riding in winter conditions. They can deal with a patch of ice with more stability than a standard e-bike would. 

This guide has covered it if you’re looking for the best electrical drift trike for adults! 

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The Best 5 Electric Drift Trike for Adults in 2023

We analyzed different electric drifting trikes for adults. Below is a review of our top 5 best drifting trikes and their features, functions, and pros and cons. 

1. Razor Power Rider 360 – The Best Overall

Razor Power Rider 360

The Razor Power Rider 360 is the best electric trike out there and is perfect for adults and kids. The rear caster wheels enable simple stunt tricks like drifts, spins, and slides. The hand-operated braking system is made of the highest quality, adding to the safety rating of the trike. 

Another thing we like about this electric drift trike for adults is the push-button throttle permits a near-instantaneous speed increase. You might not put it on your list as the best electric bike, but the Razor Power Rider 360 is a fun trike to have. 

This bike is ideal for adults who wish to spend their leisure time outside, with the rear caster letting for all types of tricks and turns. 

The high-impact pneumatic front wheel provides a decent amount of stability for an even and smooth ride, with the trike being able to run off the electric-powered motor. This drift trike can spin at 360 degrees and even drift on its duel tilting rear caster high-performance wheels. 

It is designed for young adults with a maximum weight of 120 pounds. The trike offers a top speed of nine miles per hour, and it’s quite standard for electric vehicles made for this group. Even though that speed isn’t fast, we always suggest ensuring that the rider wears a safety helmet when driving the Power Ride 360. 

There’s a 12-volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system with a charger available on this electric drift trike. The battery is at least 12 hours, and the usage time per charge can be 30 minutes. 


  • It features a high-impact and great pneumatic front wheel for stability
  • It has a hand-operated braking system and a push-button throttle
  • The rear caster wheel lets for spins and tricks 
  • Rubber grips provide comfort
  • 360-degree spins
  • Folding footrest dependable enough to the riders 


  • The maximum weight is only 120 pounds 
  • The battery takes at least 12 hours to charge and gets only 40 minutes of use 

2. Razor Drift Rider – Best Runner Up 

Razor Drift Rider

The Razor Drift Rider is an excellent outdoor electric trike that merges the strength of a trike with a turning crossbar and an exhilarating wheel configuration. That combination enables the rider to drift around every corner like a pro racing driver.

The front wheel of this trike is attached to up to 100 watts motor that has a motor-designed twist controller. Also, the Drift Rider features a high-torque, direct-drive hub motor, powering drifting action at 9 miles per hour for at least forty minutes of continuous use. 

Before you can ride the Razor Drift Rider, it is essential to keep in mind that there’s some assembly needed. Thus, if you are not familiar with an IKEA flat-pack, you may need a helping hand to set things up. Everything was quite simple, but it did take us thirty minutes. 

What’s more, don’t think you can just jump straight on it and play with your electric drift trike. The manufacturers suggest five hours of charging before the first ride. The following charges are at least five hours, depending on how depleted the battery is. 

We believe the Drift Rider is a unique ride-on. There is not anything else quite like it available on the market. That’s because of the 3D steering system. Riders could easily lean into a turn and understeer to drift with unsurpassed control. 

The only drawback about this electric drift trike is that it is prone to tipping when spinning too fast, even though it is a trike. Overall, the Razor Drift Rider is priced competitively, in the middle to the top end of the ride-on category. We recommend this for great outdoor fun. 


  • It has a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour
  • Airless front tire
  • Battery run time is 40 minutes
  • 22v lithium-ion battery-powered drive system
  • It has an airless front tire
  • It features a hand-operated front brake 


  • It is prone to tipping when spinning too fast 

3. Huffy Green Machine Drift Trikes – Best for Kids and Adults 

The Huffy Green Machine Drift Trikes is perfect for adults with a young heart. Huffy features a “stick shift” steering mechanism and includes a 2 lever-style handle that controls the rear wheel’s swivel. A hand brake is connected to one lever, enabling the rider to slow the bike down. 

Two-hand levers do the steering, and anyone can get the hang of it after a few rides. The bike can spin in 180 degrees arcs by pulling the levers in opposite directions. A helmet is essential, as the bike might tip over when a spin is done at high speeds. 

The front rubber tire and metal frame make this trike good for riding on asphalt and rough surfaces. However, it will also perform on rough country roads. 


  • The bike is durable with a very solid feel
  • It works on rough asphalt and smooth cement
  • It spins and provides a smooth ride
  • It fits older adults up to 180 pounds 
  • It features caster wheels 


  • The drift trike may trip over when spinning at high speeds
  • A bit tedious to assemble 

4. Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike – Best for Fast Drift 

Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike

One of the best electric drift trikes for adults is the Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike. It has built hype recently, and all the people who like to ride an electric trike are talking about it. 

This electric drift trike is a powerful one that can reach at least 15 miles per hour. The 500 watts motor produces enough power to drift on any terrain you wish. It’s so strong that it can drive on ice, so it’s considered the next generation of electric drifting. 

The trike is made to keep comfort, power, and durability in mind. The frame is composed of stainless steel and purposely kept low to offer a low center of gravity. Take note that a low center of gravity helps keep balance and stability.

Those features are useful while drifting on this trike. On top of that, the 16 inches front wheel and tire offer traction to the trike while you drift with the help of the back wheels. The 10 inches rear wheels help drift and offer that added adrenaline rush. 

The throttle of this electric drift trike can be found on the handlebar and is covered with soft and smooth rubber for a smooth riding experience. The brakes are connected to the throttle side of the handlebar, and you simply need to apply brakes whenever you like to stop or slow down. 

Its front wheel has a rim of 16 inches, not to mention the rubber pneumatic tire offers traction while drifting. The steel rims are anti-rust and anti-corrosion at the same time, adding to the life of your trike. The rear wheels are 10 inches and constructed in the cart style. 


  • The drift trike is lightweight
  • Economically priced, unlike its competitors with the same features
  • It has a high speed of 15 miles per hour
  • It grips and stables well during drifts


  • Its battery box plastic is not smooth
  • It has braking problems that may start to appear after six to eight months of use
  • Brakes should be replaced or serviced after extended use 

5. Madd Gear Drift Trike – Budget-Friendly Pick 

Madd Gear Drift Trike

The Madd Gear Drift Trike should always be on the list if we are only talking about a drift trike. Budget-friendly and boasting plenty of high-end features, the Madd Gear Drift Trike stands out alongside other trikes.

This drift trike is ready to bring you sliding downhill. You can smoothly start a slide with the flick of the brake and then counter-steer your way down the hill. We love the blow-molded rear wheels of this electric drift trike because they are made from a hard plastic compound, making it slide-able. 

On top of that, you can also adjust your seating position for that perfect fit. The bar is BMX styled, as well as the pedals and brake. 

Note that this drift trike is made from high-tensile steel, which is quite strong. The bar and frame are powder-coated, and the headset is sealed, making this drift trike usable in sandy and dusty conditions. 


  • It is super easy to assemble
  • It has a safety flag for visibility 
  • It features a front-wheel spoke cover 
  • It provides a pull v-brake 
  • It provides a 5-way flexible bucket-style seat 
  • The trike is constructed with a powerful and stiff hi-ten steel frame


  • The quality of the pedal could be improved  

Buying Guide on the Best Electric Drift Trike for Adults

There are important things you need to consider when buying an electric drift trike. Below, we listed some of them:

1. Speed 

Your electric drift trike frame, handlebar, and front-wheel design dictate the speed. You need something strong and lightweight yet with an aerodynamic frame design to help you cut through the wind. Casters are essential, too; ensure they are well-maintained and oiled. 

2. Seat

Trike seats are often lowered, but the seats come in various quality levels, and they are simple to see the difference between premium and standard seats. The lower the price, the more likely you will get a thin piece of plastic as a seat. 

3. Design

Trikes are made differently, but they follow two types of design. You have the standard trike with the low bucket seat and handlebar, while you also have handled by your side where you can use your feet to steer. Each is capable of good turn radiuses, speed, and handling and does not pose any concerns than the other type. 

4. Size

Drift trikes often fit within brackets that center around particular age ranges. Getting customized ones can be costly and difficult to find, so pre-built sizing works best. Consider looking at the frame’s length and the caster or front wheel’s diameter to know if the size is enough. 

5. Durability

No one would like to get a product that will be destroyed after a short period. For that reason, you should settle for bikes with quality materials. It will help if you choose drift tikes whose materials are corrosion-resistant. 

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Q: How fast does an electric drift trike can go?

An electric drift trike can have a maximum speed of 15 mph and has a battery life of up to sixty minutes. 

Q: Can you drive an electric drift trike on the road?

Bear in mind that motorized trikes should be under 50cc and less than 3.5hp to be considered “street-legal” under gas-assisted bike law. 

Q: Is it simpler to ride a trike than a bike?

An adult trike is a lot easier to ride than a bike. You don’t need any special abilities to ride it. Even if your balancing skills are terrible, you can still ride a trike smoothly. 


The Razor Power Rider 360 and Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike. are our top picks for the best electric drift trike for adults. They have been made with quality materials to ensure they can ride on rough terrains easily.

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