11 Best Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike in 2023

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An eMTB is a trailblazing bicycle that has a motor that is inbuilt into it and this is basically what allows the bike to accelerate with the aid of pedals. It’s a common misconception that pedaling is not important because these bikes don’t come with a throttle and this means that if you don’t pedal, you won’t get any support from the motor either.

This article talks about the best electric full suspension mountain bikes to help you make an informed decision. E-bikes are amazing because they give you all the perks of a normal bike but allow you to overcome any performance differences via the motor. Most will grant the user around 25 km/h to 32 km/h which is already way faster than what you can achieve on a normal bike.

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ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

SWAGTRON Swagcycle Folding Ebike

However, it can be pretty daunting to venture forth and select a bike on your own. This is precisely why we are listing out the best electric full suspension mountain bikes available right now so you don’t have to and can easily select your dream bike today! So if you were looking for the top 11 best full suspension electric mountain bikes, then this review is for you.

If you don’t have the time at the moment to actually go over this review at the moment of our 11 picks, we recommend that you take a look at the ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike which comes with an easy charge port system and is also fitted with a handlebar that can be adjusted with ease.

If this, however, isn’t enough to convince you, we recommend you keep reading to make the best decision and before you start reading, take a look at our handy comparison chart as this will inform you regarding the basic features of each product.

Best Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

1. ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

Main Features

  • 5 AH Removable Lithium Battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 3 Working Model
  • One year service

Our first product for the day is called the ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike which is our top pick for the best electric full suspension mountain bike. It comes with a 500W brushless motor, which is what you will need to get to your work or even trudge up a mountain trail in no time. This bike will allow you to get to speeds of 20 mph and will allow you to get there quicker.

What are some of the features that this bike offers?

This is mostly owed to its 12.5 AH Removable Lithium Battery which is one of the most powerful choices as it offers a range of about 40 miles per charge. Charging the battery is pretty simple and easy so just about anyone can do it. You can change it while it is on or off as this depends entirely on your needs.

A problem that most users will face with bikes is that the handlebar or stem length might be extremely off as per your need so the fact that this one allows for an adjustable angle and positioning means it can be adjusted for just about anyone. Talk about a comfortable riding experience!

What additional services does this bike offer?

This device is fitted with what the brand calls a 3 Working Model, meaning it can turn from a normal bike to an E-bike and also can be an assisted bicycle so whether you want to have fun, exercise, or use it as a commute, you can choose!

Does the brand offer a warranty?

The brand also offers a one-year service for parts such as the battery, the motor, battery, and others all except the main frame. This bike also comes 85 percent assembled so it is easy to simply attach the seat and the handlebars as no prior expertise are required.


  • Adjusting set
  • It comes 85% assembled


  • Limited warranty
  • It has to be assembled

2. ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike

Main Features

  • Brake & Gear Shift System
  • Adjustable seat/handlebar angle
  • Aluminum alloy handlebar
  • Carbon steel fork
  • Bright LED headlamp
  • Front and rear disc brakes

Talking about the best mid-drive electric full suspension mountain bike, our next product has to be the ANCHEER 500W/250W Electric Bike as it can come to these standards with ease.

What are some of the frame features of this device?

It features a very strong frame as the handlebars are made with an aluminum alloy and the fork is made with carbon-coated steel both of which allow the bike to last with you longer and also can handle the strain of rough terrain riding.

Both these materials also mean that your bike will be simultaneously strong and lightweight.  This also allows them to be super able to carry around larger weights. The seat and the angle of the handlebar are fully adjustable which means that it can be set according to whoever is riding it.

What other features does this bike provide?

This bike also has an excellent brake and Gear Shift System thanks to it having both front and rear disc brakes along with a 21-speed transmission system. This allows you to decide the speed at which you will be riding. You also get an LED headlight and a loud horn for night usage and safety.

Is the battery removable in this full suspension mountain bike?

The battery in this device is completely removable and this allows it to be charged quicker thanks to the Easy Charge Port System.


  • 21-speed transmission system
  • Removable Battery
  • Easy charge port
  • Brushless gear motors


  • Warranty missing

3. SWAGTRON Swagcycle Folding Ebike

SWAGTRON Swagcycle Folding Ebike

Main Features

  • Streamlined and aerodynamic
  • 30-degree inclines
  • Full throttle
  • Pedal to-go mode
  • 250-watt motor

The SWAGTRON Swagcycle Folding Ebike is our top pick for the best full-suspension electric mountain bike for under 2000 dollars.

What are some of the main features of this bike?

This bike comes with a 250 watt engine and also allows the user to go completely manual as it allows them to pedal. With it, you can get up to 15.5 miles at 15 mph on a solitary charge. The EB5 PLUS additionally works like a conventional pedal bicycle, letting you pedal when you want to lose that extra weight.

What if I use this best electric full suspension mountain bike on pedal mode?

When you are using it in pedal mode, neither the battery nor the engine will be affected. Alternatively, if something doesn’t feel right and you need a minute to maintain yourself, simply switch on the electric mode and let the bike do most of the work.

What are some of the additional features it has?

It allows the user to adjust the height of both the seat and the angle of the handlebars which means that no matter your height or preference, you can easily set it to your comfort preference and get the best riding experience. What’s even better is that the 14-inch air-filled tires are the perfect way to get your goal accomplished on uneven and rough dirt paths with ease.

This device not only has the option for you to swap out the old battery for a new one, but it also claims to grant the user extra mileage in the process. The only real issue with that is that the extra battery is also sold extra so that’s an additional cost you will have to incur.

How easy the assembly of this bike is?

Finally, when you find out that the EB5 PLUS comes assembled almost in totality, you will be extremely happy as it allows the user to use it as soon as possible with no complicated tools or technical expertise needed.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Height-adjustable seat and handlebar


  • Extra battery sold separately
  • No warranty

4. ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike 16″

ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike 16"

Main Features

  • Integrated bell
  • LED Meter
  • Collapsible frame
  • Lightweight steel frame

Next up we have the ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike which is our top pick for the best value full suspension electric mountain bike.

What are some of the main features that this bike offers?

This amazing folding electric full-suspension mountain bike offers users an incredible style with a lightweight steel casing and a top-notch folding bicycle that has an incorporated bell and LED Meter which makes using it that much safer and easier.

This device also has easy storage as it can collapse to become really tiny. Even tiny enough to fit in the back side of your vehicle with ease. It also has a 36V 8Ah Lithium Ion battery which allows you to travel 15 miles to 30 miles on one charge. You can charge the battery as per your desire and it can get a complete charge in less than 6 hours which is pretty convenient.  

You also have a brake and gear shift system which basically is made possible thanks to the mechanical front and back circle brakes that means no matter what kind of weather conditions, you will be able to stop the bike in no time when it is needed.

What is the top speed of ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike 16″??

The top speeds at which it allows you to travel are 16-30 mph per charge.


  • Folding pedals
  • 16-30 mph per charge
  • Removable battery
  • Brake and gear shift system


  • No innovative tech
  • No warranty

5. Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike

Main Features

  • Accented curves
  • Efficient drivetrain
  • Custom gear setups and colors
  • Reverse pedal coaster brake

Next up we have the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bike which is undoubtedly the best electric mountain bike with full suspension.

How is the structure of this bike different from others?

The frame on this bike comes with amazing accented curves that are pointed outwards in a way that makes this device look much stronger than it is and this is accentuated by a matching obligatory chain guard which makes it look visually appealing too.

The Urban Man Beach Cruiser comes with a state-of-the-art drivetrain that is perfect for use and is positioned in the best way to allow users to travel at speeds of 3 to 15 mph with ease.

What are some of the other features that this bike offers?

If however, this isn’t enough for you, then all you need to do is opt for the 3 speed and 7 speed varieties that are completely available to use.

The braking system in this bike is the standard reverse pedal coaster brake, which helps the Urban Man Beach Cruiser successfully become a professional cruiser. The choice to get the same bike in multiple colors and gear setups is a nice feature that this device offers as well.  


  • Obligatory chain guard
  • 2 speeds


  • Reflectors aren’t as effective
  • No warranty

6. ANCHEER Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter

ANCHEER Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter

Main Features

  • 350w powerful motor
  • Lightweight folding frame
  • 36V battery
  • App supporting system

Next up we have the ANCHEER Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter which we have selected as our top pick for the best full-suspension electric mountain bike under 3000.

What are some of the best features of this device?

This device is fitted with a powerful high-speed motor that can run up to 350W and has the ability to reach speeds of 20-25km/h. Another great feature is that because this device can be folded with ease, it becomes really lightweight and thus can be stored or transported with ease.

It also only weighs a mere 26.5 pounds which means that it can even be carried in one hand. It is fitted with a good anti-pressure ability and a lightweight frame which makes it easy to control and maneuver.

Why this is one of the best electric full suspension mountain bikes?

It is well known as the best electric full suspension mountain bike as it has a green button that can be used for cruise control and all you have to do is turn on the throttle and press the button at the same time to get the results that you need.

This device also comes with its own app that allows you to control the music and calls while just attaching it to your smartphone. It is available for both ios and android.

There is also a motor locking and mileage and Time recording option in this e-bike. As mentioned earlier this bike has a cruise control feature which makes driving faster an absolute breeze.


  • Cruise control
  • Motor locking


  • No warranty
  • It has to be assembled

7. SWAGTRON Swagcycle Folding Ebike

Main Features

  • Full throttle
  • Pedal-to-ride mode
  • Streamlined and aerodynamic
  • Height-adjustable seat and handlebar

Next up we have the best 4000 dollars full suspension electric mountain bike which is of course the SWAGTRON Swagcycle Folding Ebike which grants you the choice to go full throttle up to 15 MPH on its battery alone or if you feel like you can take on some serious strain, then turn it over to the pedal to go mode which can be both completely manual or even both at the same time.

What are some of the most important features of this bike?

It is made with premium quality materials and it is a very high-quality device that gives you the best riding experience possible.

It comes with a height-adjustable seat and a handlebar that can be set at a preferred angle with ease. This means that you and only you control the level of comfort that you will experience on this device.  It is also fitted with impressive14 inch air-filled tires that are seriously smooth and comfortable.

There is no doubt that an extra battery ultimately means that you will also get extra mileage. The only drawback to this however is that the extra battery is sold extra.

This may mean extra costs but if you can invest in it, it means that you can easily swap out your battery when it is being charged to save time. Also, you can double the time you can spend riding the bike if you keep the extra battery with you.

Since it comes completely preassembled, this device is ready to use as it comes to you and therefore requires absolutely no special tools or expertise to be set up.


  • Preassembled
  • 30-degree inclines


  • Extra battery sold separately
  • No warranty

8. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Main Features

  • Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design
  • 21 speed professional transmission system
  • 36V 8AH lithium-Ion front battery
  • 250W stable motor
  • One year warranty

Last up we have the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike which is our best full suspension electric mountain bike.

What are some of the features this bike offers?

It is a folding bike as the name suggests which means you will be able to transport it far easier and this folding bike also becomes super lightweight once it is folded. This also makes storing it away an easy task.

It has something called double shock absorption which is all thanks to the front and rear mechanical disc-brake design along with the 21-speed professional transmission system. You also get a spare battery so that in case of emergencies you are covered.

This bike is fitted with a 36V 8AH lithium Ion front battery plus a 250W stable motor which allows you to get to around 30 miles at a speed of around 15mph per charge. While this isn’t a lot, it is perfectly fine for a day’s commute or a leisurely ride down a beaten dirt path.

How is this bike more durable than the competition?

This device is fitted with super strong wheels, which are equipped with 26-inch bead spokes, and because they are made of aluminum alloy, they are resistant to getting beat up. The added protection of the anti-slip thick tire also makes these an excellent choice.

This feature means no matter the weather conditions you will be able to travel along snow, rain, or rugged terrain with ease.

This manufacturer also offers you a one-year warranty for certain parts such as the electric motor and battery but not for the main frame or body. Set up and assembly are also not as hard because it comes around 85 percent assembled.  You also do not need any prior experience or technical expertise to assemble it.  


  • 26 inch bead spoke wheels
  • Anti-slip tires


  • Warranty limited
  • No additional accessories

9. ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike

Main Features

  • Folding mini bike
  • Folding pedals
  • Integrated bell
  • LED Meter

Next up we have the ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike which is our top pick for the best full-suspension electric mountain bike. It comes fitted with an inbuilt safety feature which is basically the bell and LED meter which can alert the pedestrians you are coming and also allows you to keep an eye on the battery power via the indicator.

What are some of the advantages of a folding e-bike?

This e-bike is particularly versatile as it is a folding one which means that not only does it easily become super portable, but also super lightweight. This means that in case your daily commute also requires you to go around on the subway or train, the bike can be folded up with ease.

It also can collapse to fit inside your car and has a very lightweight steel casing and collapsing bicycle parts including collapsing pedals, an integrated bell, and of course as mentioned earlier, the LED Meter.

What are some of the other features of this bike?

This collapsing and folding ability is what leads to it being so easy to store away. So whether you need to pack light or simply want to store it for a while, that will be easy to do.

What is the battery time of an ANCHEER Folding Electric Commuter Bike?

The battery on this device is completely removable which means that the powerful 36V 8Ah Lithium Ion battery can be changed in case it runs out of juice or if it needs to be replaced.

It allows you to travel 15 miles to 30 miles on one charge and this means that you can get a whole day of usage without having to charge it with ease. The battery can also be charged in under 4 to 6 hours which in itself is very convenient.


  • Collapsible frame
  • Removable battery


  • Smaller size
  • No warranty

10. ANCHEER 26 inch Electric Cruiser Bike

ANCHEER 26 inch Electric Cruiser Bike

Main Features

  • 90% assembled
  • Offers Low-Mid-High options
  • Loud horn
  • Nice light in front

Next up we have the ANCHEER 26 inch Electric Cruiser Bike which we are putting down as the full suspension mountain bike’s best bike for electric conversion.  The best part about this device is that it can be assembled in all 15 minutes as you won’t need any technical expertise.

It comes put together around 90 percent which means that you won’t have to go to the shop to get it assembled with power tools.

Basically, all the user has to do is essentially put the seats, tires, and handlebars on in the right kind of order and everything else is already good to go especially the pedals, handlebars, seats, front tire, and a few other minor components and you are ready to go.

What is different about this bike?

This device is a little more high-tech as it has a basic controller which is what aids it in running. Even though the controller is very basic it is still pretty powerful as there is a power button and arrows which offer you one of three options that are Low-Mid-High options.

This is an e-bike for everyone to enjoy which basically means that it is super user-friendly and it works at the mere push of a button. It can run for 10 to 20 miles at a time and charging it is the easiest task ever as it only takes very less time to achieve your target. It comes with a headlight and a horn for more traffic-littered areas which are pretty loud for your safety.

The only area where this bike lacks is that since the front fork does not seem to be as good quality as the rest of the product, this might make you want to stay limited to trail and path riding as opposed to serious mountain trails.


  • Basic controller
  • Easy to charge


  • The front fork is not as good
  • No warranty

11. ANCHEER Electric Bike Ebike

ANCHEER Electric Bike Ebike

Main Features

  • 10 AH lithium-ion battery
  • 350W Powerful Motor
  • Dual disc brakes & shifter
  • Brushless motor

If you have ever wondered what the best full suspension electric mountain bike is, then you might want to look at the ANCHEER Electric Bike Ebike.

At the core of the e-bike, there is its power source which is the 10 AH lithium-ion battery which can be charged easily and pretty quickly.  

What are some of the main features of this bike?

It is also fitted with a 350W brushless and powerful motor and it has speeds of up to 18.5 mph that easily allow you to go against the gradient a little more than usual. No matter your goal, this device is perfectly capable of getting you to your destination.

It is fitted with a Shimano 6-speed shifter and derailleurs that make the experience as smooth as can be and it has a drivetrain that easily enhances your riding experience. In case you wanted to stop the bike immediately you can count on the front and back mechanical disc brakes which keep the user and all around them safe.  

Which material is used in the frame of ANCHEER electric Ebike?

It is made with a completely solid aluminum frame and thanks to it being super ultra-lightweight, the 20-inch compound wheels also have anti-slip tires that can go just about anywhere the user likes.

How many riding models are there in ANCHEER Electric Bike Ebike?

It comes with 3 riding models which are the wellness mode, the electric mode, and the PAS mode which allows the bike to be extremely versatile for your use.


  • 3 riding models
  • Strong aluminum frame


  • No warranty

Buying Guide of Best Electric Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Now that you have gone over our top 11 picks of the best electric full-suspension mountain bikes, we are sure you are much more in tune with the kind of products that you will have and might have even selected a favorite in your mind.

However, you might still be more confused about a few technicalities as let’s not forget electric mountain bikes can be a bit of a technical subject especially if you don’t know the types and ways to deal with several of the most common problems.

This is why the following buying guide will lay out an in-depth look into the categories of e-bikes that are most popular and then will also delve into a few frequently asked questions that might have been on your mind.

While there are many more kinds of e-bikes available out there in the market, we will sort them into these 3 main categories for now as we are going to talk about the ones we have mentioned already in the product reviews.

1. Electric mountain bikes

The first category of course is the traditional electric mountain bike and these are definitely a safe and durable option if your daily commute path is filled with rocks and potholes. This is in no way an expensive option and it definitely is less expensive as compared to other higher-end varieties.

Usually, if you’re looking for a medium powerful option, you should be looking for hardtails as these can easily manage normal dirt and rock paths but cannot be safe on trickier ones as they are not equipped with rear suspension. This is because they usually just rely on a front suspension fork which allows them to clear out obstacles on the road but might not be able to manage a smoother ride on more rough terrain.

2. Electric road bikes

Next up we have electric roads and commuter bikes which are of course as the name suggests, e-bikes that should be kept to straighter paths such as roads and easier trail paths. Of course, within this term, you get tons of subcategories as well which means that they may include specifications from anything to being gravel bikes to hybrid ones that can do more.

The easiest way to distinguish these from, say, more demanding bikes is to look at whether they have suspension capabilities because most of them will not offer that, which is precisely what makes them so unfit for rougher terrain.

Another way to narrow it down is by noticing how lightweight a bike is. They also have an overall narrower design and frame and a more forward lean in the shape.

3. Electric folding bikes

Our last and final category for the day is called the electric folding bike which is usually picked over all other categories in the lightweight style as this offers an amazing experience with portability.

This is an appealing thought to most users as many like to keep essentials with them in case of an emergency or even just to keep their photography equipment with them to capture the sights.

E-folding bikes work because they have a special folding point in the middle of the bike and on the handlebars. These are what allow the bike to fold out completely and can make them as small as a tiny suitcase which of course is way easier to transport than a whole bike.

4. Budget

Another thing you should look into basically before even looking at the kinds is to look at the price. As with most technical products, you will know that electric bikes do not come cheap but you can always look for options that will make it easier for you to own one. This might mean cutting down on some features as this helps brands cut down on costs.

A good thing about most e-bikes is that most do not cut down on features such as important electric components rather they only ever will compromise on the bicycle components. This is great news for all users who simply do not have the kind of funds needed to purchase bikes like these as you will not be missing out on any important features.

This is primarily because many of these electric mountain bikes use the same electrical components until you seek out more expensive models that might have even more advanced features.

When you seek out products that fall on the lower end of the spectrum, these can manage to lower costs down considerably as they are only compromising on say the quality of the handlebars or the frame itself and not the actual mechanics or electrical parts.  So this is great news for users on a budget.

5. Kind of battery

One factor that definitely has to be considered when you look at electric bikes is the fact they are fitted with a battery which is what they function on and these batteries tend to hold less and less charge over time as they have a certain amount of life in them.

Most batteries of bikes on this list will be premium quality lithium-ion ones as these are the most common. These will generally last users around 800 and 1000 cycles but if you are even more careful with the way you use them this can be stretched out to last even longer in some cases.

As with smartphones, the best way to prolong their life is to make sure they run out completely first and then connect them to the charger again as this allows them to avoid being overcharged.

Now that we have the specifics out of the way, we will look into several important questions that are most frequently asked.


Q. Are e mountain bikes worth it?

Probably the greatest benefit of e-mountain bikes is subsequently that they help the user to defeat any difficulty and difference in performance, especially going uphill.

This basically means that in case you are not great when it comes to exercise, you can complement and make up for any of your issues with the electric element that basically does not allow anyone to be barred from an enjoyable activity such as mountain bike riding.

On the other hand, there is no denying that these electric bikes are way more expensive than let’s say a BMX bike or a traditional one and that is because of the technology they are offering.

However, when we look at e-bikes, they allow for a process called load control and this basically means that not only will it be easier to traverse uphill far quicker and more easily, especially if you cannot cope with the strenuous activity of mountain riding.

The electric element will provide you with the support that you need. This means that if you want to take along equipment with you or want to say pack a little heavier, this will be easier to do with an electric bike as compared to a normal one.

Alternatively, electric bikes are on the heavier side as they can weigh as much as 25 kilos, this means that not just anyone can handle them properly and you might need some skill or prior experience in mountain biking to be able to handle them properly.

Another inherent advantage that the e mountain bike will grant users is that it allows them to get on track much quicker, especially in case they get lost or cannot find their way. Similarly, in case of emergencies, users can get help much more quicker.

Q. Can electric bikes go up hills?

The simple answer to this question is, of course, electric bikes can go up hills and with far more ease than say a normal mountain bike could. However, the more detailed answer begs us to remember that electric bikes aren’t motorbiked and there is still a considerable amount of human effort that is needed to get done with the situation with ease.

It is not a complete replacement for human power that is exerted while riding on the contrary, it just enhances what is already there which is your skill. So when you are riding up a hill on an electric bike you still have to keep the bike steady and pedal away to achieve the journey.

Now, an important factor to remember here is that even within e-bikes there are categories that will do better when going uphill. One of these is called a power bike and as the name suggests, it powers through up a hill which allows the user to successfully decrease the struggle by decreasing the gradient of the hills hence getting rid of any extra strain that you would have to put in otherwise.

It is generally accepted that if you put in a decent amount of effort, an electric bike cuts down the difficulty of going uphill by 10 percent which is pretty impressive.

This is especially important if you are well aware of the sheer struggle that is needed to get up a hill even while walking. So to add in the added weight of an electric bike might make it seem more difficult and a certain amount of skill is definitely needed.

Q. Are full suspension mountain bikes worth it?

To answer this question we first have to understand what exactly a full suspension mountain bike is. A full suspension mountain bicycle is basically a bike that has been fitted with both a rear shock and a frontal suspension fork.

This means that it is not only smoother and more pleasant to ride but it also gives the user way more control of the bike. In comparison, a bike such as a hardtail bicycle is only fitted with a suspension fork.

So while it gives the user support, it is missing out on all the absorption of shock it could potentially grant. The sort of suspension that is available in a mountain bicycle will influence the bicycle’s control, footing, and level of comfort it will provide.

So, if you are sitting around confused as to which kind of bike you should invest in then that is something only you can truly answer. The answer depends on factors such as the amount of money you are willing to spend because mountain bikes don’t come cheap.

But even within that category, you have bikes that are even more expensive options so if you’re just looking to use them less often, then you shouldn’t invest too much.

The kind of terrain you will be riding on is another important factor here because you will definitely need a full-suspension bike if you are going out to more advanced trails but a hardtail might be better for trail riding.

Your budget is actually an important part of this conversation either way because hard tails generally cost less as compared to suspension ones with both a suspension fork for support and a rear shock for a smoother bike riding experience.

Q. Does riding an electric bike help you lose weight?

One thing should be very clear to all those trying to use an electric bike to bring their weight down; it is not a cure-all! There are absolutely no loopholes that allow you to lose weight, non that are healthy at least.

Sure riding an e-bike will allow you to venture out even further into the unknown with more strenuous uphill riding and rough terrain, but it will also not be of any consequence if you do not plan the exercise part with your nutrition and motivation. A little planning goes a long way.

That’s why we recommend following these few pointers so that your riding can actually lead to you losing weight.

The number one thing to remember here is that what you eat will still be an important factor in your losing weight. This is because while you are engaging in something as strenuous as mountain riding, your body will start craving more energy, and instead of reaching for those sugary snacks or carbs, reach instead for more protein and fiber instead.

These will give you the energy that you require to ride your electric bike up and down hills without needing any unhealthy intake.

Another important factor to consider here is that you cannot expect to lose weight and tone yourself down. Not everyone just has fat to ward off; the real problem is getting to the fat in very specific places! This means that you need special exercises which have been put in place to target some areas that you struggle with.

This means that along with using your electric bike, you will need to engage in other activities too. This might also be a good way to make sure you do not spend more than 2 to 3 hours a day on your mountain bike as you can easily cope with the weight loss while complimenting it with say a little cardio.

Lastly, another important aspect here is to be consistent in whatever you do. Consistency is key. You will not get any results if you think you can do this for a few days and get your desired weight.

This is foolish as with any exercise, riding a mountain bike also requires some planning and motivation. The key is to find reasons to motivate yourself and set goals.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that you have to be committed to a certain strategy that you plan out. So if mountain biking is something you want to do, don’t just do it to lose weight, make sure it is an activity that you simultaneously enjoy as well. This will make it easier to commit to and you’ll have a great time in the process!

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