Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors

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Are you a senior citizen seeking a recumbent bike? Maybe you have an elderly who needs one. In that case, this Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors guide is here for you. 

As a person ages, there become more limitations, especially when it comes to exercise. The only concern is, that’s the time when exercise becomes more critical than ever. Elders not just need the cardiovascular benefits which come from exercise but also to strengthen muscles, mobility, coordination, and bones.

For those who are limited by arthritis, knee pain, joint issues, and more, the recumbent trike presents the ideal option for protection and exercise. Studies also prove how cycling is advantageous for seniors to enhance balance and the capability to walk with better control. This is essential for helping to avoid falls. 

This guide will look at the 7 best recumbent trikes for seniors. They need to be simple to use and get in and out of but still offer a good form of exercise. 

Best 7 Recumbent Trike for Seniors in 2023

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Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike

1. Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle – Best Overall 

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

For our top pick, we have the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle. Everyone knows that Schwinn is a dependable sports brand for this product. In this recumbent trike for seniors, they’ve made it in the ideal form for older ones. You are not just experiencing any gear-shifting complications with this trike, but this one comes with a single-speed drive chain. 

The drive mechanism of the Schwinn Meridian is useful for flat roads. Also, the 26 inches cruiser tires along with 24 inches alloy wheels are comfortable enough for a balanced incline and soft traction. That recumbent trike also comes with both rear and front fenders.

The Schwinn Meridian is suitable for 5 to 5’5” seniors in height. That is a suitable option for seniors, so there is no reason for back pain. The trike’s added big, cushioned seat is comfortable, and you can easily adjust its height with a fast shift option.

We recommend this for beginners, as the handlebars are adjustable, which is quite amusing for riding on various tracks, as you can adjust your cruising style. It is awesome to ride with many comforts and bring your essential goods, as this bike also provides a wire cargo basket connected to its rear back. 


  • It comes with a fold-down rear basket to bring what you need while riding
  • It’s soft and big with fast seat height adjustments
  • 24-inches big and alloy wheels with amusing traction 
  • Cruising style swept-back handlebars
  • Lightweight and low-stand aluminum frame 


  • It has a single-drive chain, which makes it challenging to ride on sturdy routes 

2. Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed – Best Budget 

Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed

The Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed is three wheels recumbent trike with an attractive retro look and standard seven-speed setting. You can comfortably trail on any straight or hilly path with that in mind. We like the efficiency and durability of its pedals and drivetrain. Nonetheless, you can improve on its brakes later. 

Its low-stand bike frame allows you to ride the bike comfortably. It’s helpful and practical for people with hip injuries and seniors. The overall material and structure of its frame can endure a rider that weighs 350 pounds.

Thanks to the padded seat and backrest, you can also count on this one when we talk about comfort. You will certainly have a good time touring around the city using this recumbent trike for seniors. Apart from that, the rear basket storage of the trike has sufficient storage for you to place your things and groceries.

The Slsy Adult proves that you can have a solid, high-quality adult trike without paying an arm and a leg. Indeed, $400 is still a hefty sum, but you get to save money on gas and exercise. In short, it pays for itself. Given how decent it handles shifting, its strong frame, and its overall performance, this recumbent trike gets our mark of excellent value. 


  • It has swept back cruiser-style handlebar
  • Caliper brakes
  • It features cushioned seat and backrest
  • Spacious rear storage basket
  • The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds
  • Durable 7-speed derailleur 


  • The cushion on the backrest needs some improvement
  • The seat would be amazing if it was a little bit wider 

3. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike – Best for Reverse Wheel

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike

The adjustable frame length from the Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Trike is ideal for seniors from 4” to 6’3” in height. One of the things we love about this is the extendable frame, which is made using durable steel tubes, not to mention it has ten different length options to choose from.

The ergonomic seat of this recumbent trike for seniors features foam rollers installed on steel tubes for cushioning and back support. What’s more, the back support can be easily adjusted to six angles. You can select the position to ride most comfortably. 

This 3-wheeled beauty also boasts chainless chassis. The front wheel is the power wheel, and a rear-wheel steering system can easily steer your bike. That mechanism engages your arm muscles more than front-wheel steering bikes. 

Another thing we love about the Mobo Shift bike because it can be utilized with a freewheel like any ordinary bike or can be turned into a fixie. It can also be used in reverse or forward motion. Overall, this recumbent trike is perfect for seniors who want to perform some low-impact fun workouts outdoors. 


  • Highly efficient chainless design
  • Adjustable back support and comfortable seat
  • It can be turned into a fixie and back
  • It has 12 inches high ground clearance
  • It can be used in reverse and forward motion
  • It engages the arm more muscles in steering movement
  • Self-balancing three-wheeled bike 


  • There is no suspension available 

4. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle – Best Trike for Touring 

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

The Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle is another best recumbent trike for seniors. This all-terrain trike has a distinct riding posture that is efficient and comfortable. It also comes with pedals connected to flow center handlebars and front wheels.

This recumbent trike for seniors helps you enjoy the outdoor view while leaning back and riding. The trike also provides efficient low-impact cardio exercises with minimum pressure on the back and knees.

We love how the lower back reclined seat makes it comfortable to work out with the Mobo Triton Pro trike. Other trikes in the market may have the simplest balance, but this one needs no balance. The trike’s low center gravity body structure makes it ideal for even curvy roads. 

Moreover, the dual joystick steering makes the entire steering comfortable and accurate with single-hand movements. That steering mechanism is also a wonderful advantage for low-impact arm workouts. 

This trike is ideal for seniors of about any height. It fits riders of 4’2” to 6’3” in height, making it the ideal fit. There’s no doubt it’s one of the best recumbent trikes for touring. The Mobo Triton Pro also has a heavyweight capacity of 250 pounds, durable with its steel frame.


  • Highly durable steel frame with 250 pounds weight capacity
  • No chain maintenance necessary with front-wheel pedals 
  • The extendable frame enables fitting people of different height
  • Simple to balance and ride with dual joystick steering
  • Efficient low-impact exercising trike with low stress on knees and back for adults 


  • It’s difficult to ride on off-road tracks
  • It has limited speed with front-wheel pedals 

5. VANELL Adults Tricycle Bike – Best Recumbent Mountain Trike 

VANELL Adult Mountain Tricycle

Here is another trike for seniors out there. The VANELL Adults Tricycle Bike is perfect for seniors who prefer incline and speed more than comfort. It’s a good option to keep in mind for riding and off-roading on hilly tracks. 

The VANELL Adults Tricycle Bike is made of solid steel, making it durable for long-term and heavy use. Did you know this bike has the highest weight capacity among others on this list, 400 pounds? The bike comes with a big rear basket made of solid steel for carrying heavy goods. Therefore, the basket itself is extremely durable.

Are you riding with maximum heavyweight loaded? You will need heavy power to pedal the trike on flat and hilly tracks. That power is optimized with the trike’s seven-speed gear shifter, enabling you to adjust speed limits and resistance levels based on pressures and routes. 


  • 7-speed gear shifting drive mechanism for a smooth journey
  • It comes with a big basket to store commodities
  • It has combined bank and disc brakes on both wheels for safety conditions
  • First-class tires and front-wheel suspension for smooth riding grips and balances
  • Strong steel frame and 400 pounds maximum weight capacity 


  • No backrest provided

6. Sixthreezero Body Ease Adult Tricycle – Best for Seniors with Balancing Issues 

Sixthreezero Body Ease Adult Tricycle

The low step-through design of the sixthreezero Body Ease Adult Tricycle makes it simple for seniors to get on and off. No more trying to hurdle their way into the bike. Having one wheel in front and two wheels in the back is useful for people with balance problems, making it safe to ride.

This recumbent trike for seniors is great, especially for those with problems balancing and who don’t have the confidence to ride a two-wheel bike. 

The frame of this trike is made of aluminum, lending itself to offer robust support with a combined weight capacity of 300 pounds. The big basket at the back is handy for carrying items or picking up some groceries. 


  • It comes with an aluminum frame
  • 7-speed 
  • It can accommodate 300 pounds of weight
  • Ideal for seniors with balance issues 
  • 1.95 inches slick tires
  • The frame is designed to absorb bump 


  • It is challenging to assemble
  • The basket seems a little bit flimsy

7. Addmotor Motan M-360 Electric Trike – Best for the Environment  

Addmotor Motan M-360 Electric Trike

The Addmotor Motan M-360 Electric Trike is a 3-wheel electric bike that is a stable and comfortable trike. It is ideal for cruising around town for errands or simply heading to the beach with a cooler full of food and drinks in its big storage basket.

This recumbent trike for seniors features a Bafang hub motor in the front wheel, which can crank out a continuous 750 watts of power to ratchet things up to more than 1,000 peak watts of power for hill climbs and faster acceleration.

It’s worth mentioning that it has 80 Newton meters of torque that helps with climbing hills and accelerating and comes in handy for sandy and muddy trails, particularly for those trips to the nearest beach. 


  • It has a speed of 20 miles per hour
  • It can be unlocked to reach higher top speeds
  • A class 3 electric bike
  • Runs a 48-volt system 
  • The battery is locked and removable 


  • There’s some delay in the cadence sensors 

Buying Guide for the Best Recumbent Trike for Seniors

How can you find the best recumbent trike for seniors? Here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying one. 

1. Durability 

A well-structured steel frame is the most robust body for a trike. Take note that steel frames can endure heavyweight capacity though this frame is heavy to ride. If you wish for more cruising fun, you can opt for lightweight aluminum body frame trikes, even though they aren’t as strong as steel frames. 

2. Speed

Do you love speeding? Then you consider getting a trike with a lightweight aluminum frame, speed incline gear shiftable trikes, and slim tires. Shimano speed gears would be the perfect option for that. Slim tires and wheels lessen road traction and improve speed. 

3. Balance and comfort

Do you like a comfortable ride? Then well-positioned and comfortably cushioned seat handlebars are necessary. Your balance is sustained with a handlebar and well-adjusted seat height. 

4. Suspension and braking 

Braking is the key to the bike’s safety. You can pick V brakes if you prefer a good ride on a flat road. However, if you’re planning on speeding and riding off-road, disc brakes are a must-have. The suspensions will boost your trike’s durability even after heavy use with the weight capacity.

5. Style

You’d also wish to consider the recumbent trike’s style. Most of them are made to offer maximum comfort to the rider, while other models can provide excellent performance. But take note that high-performance recumbent trikes aren’t as comfortable apart from being costly. 


Q: How Much Is a Recumbent Trike for Seniors?

A used, entry-level recumbent trike can be bought for a few hundred dollars. They were a bit more expensive. On the other hand, a new recumbent trike can be bought for at least a thousand dollars. 

Q: Are Recumbent Bikes Great for Seniors?

Recumbent trikes are a good option for cardio exercise for seniors. The trike design provides good stability. More than anything, it will help you make the needed physical effort to keep fit. 

Q: Are Recumbent Trikes Good for Back Pain?

Most recumbent trike riders are attracted to this aerobic workout as it is gentler on back injuries and other back problems. Seniors seeking to deal with back pain can consider this tool. 


The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle and the Slsy Adult Tricycles 7 Speed recumbent trike are excellent for seniors planning to get a workout. Both bikes offer great value, but they also have varied features that may be more or less attractive, depending on your needs.

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