Best Recumbent Trike for Touring

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Let’s admit it. A recumbent trike for touring is one of the ideal ways to spend time in your trike seat. There’s freedom, whether it’s a short or long tour. 

A recumbent trike enables people to ride more comfortably and easily with less stress on their knee joints while making sure there’s still stability that a two-wheel bike simply cannot offer.

This guide has you covered if you’re looking for the best recumbent trike. 

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Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

EzyRoller New Drifter Pro-X Ride

Mobo Mity Sport Safe Tricycle

The 7 Best Recumbent Trike for Touring for 2023

Suppose you are not sure which recumbent trike touring to choose. Fret not. Below is our top pick that you can consider today. 

1. Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle – Best Overall 

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle

The Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle is perfect if you want to get into a cardio exercise without adding a strain on your knee joints. Thanks to its low focal point of gravity, this recumbent trike for touring is remarkable. The trike also features wide cruiser wheels, which have decent traction on many road surfaces. 

It also features a robust high-tension steel frame and Detra tricycle construction that evenly distributes the rider’s weight across the rear axle. 

We truly love the Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle because the pedals are attached to the freewheel hub on the front wheel. That only suggests that there’s no chain on many standard recumbent trikes. You can guarantee there will be no drivetrain or chain maintenance needed. 

We noticed a few improvements on the frame and steering. The frame is extendable to fit riders of different weights, which is perfect for riders who are in-between frame sizes or share the trike with a friend. 


  • The pedals are connected straight to the hub, so there’s no chain 
  • Moving handlebars control the rear-wheel steering
  • The extendable frame fits a wide array of riders with an easy adjustment
  • The assembly process is straightforward
  • It features a padded seat  


  • Only a single gear, so the trike is limited to flat roads 

2. EzyRoller New Drifter Pro-X Ride – Best Runner Up 

EzyRoller New Drifter Pro-X Ride

Are you planning to go faster than any of your friends while touring around town? The EzyRoller New Drifter Pro-X Ride is your best option. 

This recumbent trike for touring is strong enough to ride easily over bumpy patches of pavement. On top of that, it is low to the ground but easily seats taller and older riders. We love how the seat is comfortable enough and offers sufficient shock-absorbent cushion. 

The most advanced part of this recumbent trike is not motorized. The trike offers a good leg and abdominal workout, which most kids and adults need more physical play as it’s being forced to maneuver. 

The trike also tests your sense of direction and coordination and is certain to bring a huge amount of laughter as you figure out how best to maneuver it down a path. 


  • It features a lower center of gravity, which lessens the risk of injury
  • Excellent for touring and racing with friends
  • Smooth and fast motion 
  • It has extensions to fit taller sizes 
  • It can hold up to 200 pounds 


  • Not suitable for younger kids
  • It can take a while to learn how to operate correctly 

3. Mobo Mity Sport Safe Tricycle – Best for Touring Toddlers

Mobo Mity Sport Safe Tricycle

The Mobo Mity Sport Safe Tricycle is a robust small 3-wheeled cruiser for youngsters aged 3 to 5. This recumbent trike for touring features an abundance of features, from its ergonomic design to a novel rear-wheel steering system, a comfortable seat, soft air tires, chainless chassis, and a robust, adaptable frame. 

We love how this recumbent trike can be adjusted. There are currently five adjustment slots that can extend 5 inches in length. When it comes to weight, the Mobi Mini Tricycle can only accommodate a weight of 60 pounds. That only means it is only intended for children.

The only disadvantage of the Mobi Mini Tricycle is that it can only be used on flat or even surfaces. You will only go as fast as you pedal, but it will be fine if the terrain you are on is flat, even on a dirt road with some rocks. 


  • It has a comfortable cushioned seat
  • Simple to use footbrake
  • Dual joystick steering
  • Carve swooping turns
  • It can be adjusted 
  • Extra-wide tires 


  • Not ideal for older people 
  • It can only be used on flat surfaces 

4. Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike – Best Ergonomic  

Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike

The advanced design, strong steel frame construction, and ergonomic approach make the Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike a big hit in the sports cycling sector. This trike for touring boasts dual joystick steering for the flawless movement of hands. 

It’s also simple and fun to use with a secure reclined seat. The low-to-ground design makes it a stable bike for children ages 7 to 12 years old. Keep in mind that this trike is intended for cruising and exercise on flat and concrete surfaces. You can also get a cardiovascular workout with less impact. 

The seat is designed in a relaxed posture, which may take some time to get used to for riders familiar with riding more upright, recumbent bikes. 

If you like a simple riding experience, you can go for this one. It is ideal for both adults and kids. It can also work efficiently on most flat and rugged terrains. Being low to the ground, you don’t need to sustain much balance.

On top of that, the contained bike frame is durable and robust to offer sufficient stability. Thanks to its dual-joystick steering control, maneuvering is smooth through hand movements. 

The overall height of this trike can be easily adjusted to accommodate riders with a height ranging from 3’8” to 5’2”. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 220 pounds. 


  • It has an extendable frame that fits an array of riders with a simple adjustment
  • Moving handlebars control the rear-wheel steering
  • The pedals are connected to the hub 


  • There is only one gear, so the trike is limited on flat roads
  • There can be an improvement in tires 

5. Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike – Budget Pick 

Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Mobo designed the Mobo Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike in an elegant style. It works beautifully and efficiently in any weather conditions and is suitable for nine years old and above. 

Take note that all Mobo cruisers are one-geared or single-speed. Both Mobo Shift and Mobo Triton Pro have the same size wheels. The only difference between them is that the Shift adds the feature to shift into reverse. They are the only recumbent trike that can do this.

The seat of the Mobo Shift is designed with a recline and can be easily adjusted to six angles. Also, the seat is low, measuring 15 inches from the ground. The trike employs side-steering handle grips rather than the average handlebars. 

Those handlebars control the rear-wheel steering system. The idea behind this system is to improve the strength of both the leg and arm muscles. Like other Mobo cruisers, the Mobo Shift has a single speed. That could be good if you plan on riding on a flat surface without gravel or inclines.

You will also love this trike’s ability to reverse via the reverse shift situated on the left handle. We think it is where its name “Shift” was derived. That could be extremely helpful for backing out spaces from your garage on the way out to ride for the day. 


  • The unique drivetrain component allows the bike to move backward by accelerating it forward
  • It has extendable back support  
  • It features extra-wide legs and wheels for off-road riding 
  • It has a single-speed with a reverse function
  • It provides cushioned seat 12 inches above the ground 


  • The seat configuration can be a little awkward during long rides
  • It doesn’t have any other apparatuses for sliding or climbing 

6. Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike – Best Pick for Kids

Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike

If you want your child to learn how to bike while enjoying the scenery outside, then the Mobo Mobito Kids 3-Wheel Bike is the perfect trike for them. This kids-sized recumbent trike for touring is packed with all the features you need, such as innovative design, excellent mobility, safety features, and high-quality materials you can count on.

Many parents like the ergonomic back support and the adjustable frame made to fit and grow with their kids. Kids will show off their Mobo Mobito everywhere they go with an all-new-emergency brake feature and rear-wheel automatic alignment, enabling stylish cruising and fast turns. 


  • It is simple and easy for kids to use 
  • The trike is designed for exercise and cruising on flat and paved surfaces and sloping train 
  • It features a hi-ten steel frame and no chainless maintenance design 
  • It can adjust to fit kids up to 4’8” tall 


  • It can only accommodate 32 pounds of weight 

7. Mobo Mini – The Smallest Recumbent Trike for Touring 

Mobo Mini

Did you know that the Mobo Mini is considered the globe’s smallest recumbent trike from Momo? It provides great comfort and is perfect for kids aged 2.5 to 5 years old. The ergonomic design of this trike delivers excellent stability. 

One of this trike’s features is it has an inflatable front tire with two robust rear tires. Thus, your child’s riding experience will always be the best.

Also, the adjustable and well-built frame can perfectly grow with your child. When riding on the bike, your child can improve their hand-eye coordination and improve their muscle strength in the legs and arms. 


  • Ideal for kids of small sizes
  • It features a strong steel frame
  • Integrated hand brake
  • Free safety flag and has a stainless design
  • It has an inflatable front tire 


  • The safety features can be improved 

Buying Guide 

Recumbent touring is an excellent way to see the scenery. Right? You’ll see more of it than on an upright bike as your head is more upright. Here are the things you need to consider when buying one. 

1. Wheelbase

Recumbents could put the front wheel way out in front of the pedals, leading to a steady ride, good comfort, and enough places to put panniers and other bags. Your wheel diameter can be 16 inches or 26 inches or anything in between.

2. Handlebars

This is another option for you to consider. Many recumbents have handlebars in front of the rider, but an appealing minority have handlebars below their seat. Above-seat steering (ASS) and below-seat steering (BSS), accordingly. 

3. Frames

Recumbent frames could be welded from aluminum or steel, extruded from aluminum, or made from carbon fiber for the well-heeled. 

4. Seats

Various recumbents have different seats. Most manufacturers always build more comfort into their seats, and features and designs vary significantly among brands.

5. Wheel size

Many recumbents have a 20-inch or 16-inch wheel in front and rear wheels ranging from 20-inch to 700c. Consider the type of road surfaces you will be riding on. The bigger wheel is great for lifting the body off the road and placing the trike at an angle so you can see more easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a recumbent trike for touring weigh?

An average recumbent touring trike weighs at least 20 kilograms or 44 pounds. Meanwhile, many touring trikes weigh at least 12 to 15 kilograms or at least 26 to 33 pounds. 

Q: Is a recumbent touring trike good than a recumbent bike?

One of the benefits of a recumbent trike over a recumbent bike is that you don’t need to think about keeping balance. Many riders also find them a lot more comfortable and less likely to result in overuse injuries. 

Q: Are recumbent trikes good for overweight people?

Yes. Overweight people find recumbent trikes easier on the joints and more stable than ordinary bikes. You should always prioritize visibility if you are riding a recumbent trike or bike,


To sum up, we think that Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle and EzyRoller New Drifter Pro-X Ride is the best recumbent bike for touring. They are made of high-quality materials, powerful, and fantastic for many reasons.

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