10 Best Single Speed Mountain Bike in 2023

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Recently, the best single speed mountain bike is getting high momentum overnight in the year 2020 for many reasons, for example, due to being known as a strong alternative to mountain bikes that offered multiple gears.

The best single speed mountain bikes are offering great opportunities for both beginners and skilled riders. All you have to do is, choose wisely and accordingly.

The restriction over using multiple gears, on the other hand, lets you focus more precisely on your workout rather than controlling the bike.

As there are no demanding gear systems, the users of single speed mountain bikes can spare themselves from on and off-maintenance and repairs associated with gear systems. This is why these are super comfortable as well as cheaper to provide synergistic benefits.

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Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike

Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

Schwinn Stites Single-Speed Fixie Bike

A single speed mountain bike also assures the smoothest and quietest bike rides around the city or on the mountains or along the seashore even under pressure or harsh conditions. Due to fewer systems, these bikes are usually slimmer and lighter making them more easily handled and more portable.

There are many available in the market but not all are worth it. The one that win the tag of the best overall single speed mountain bike is Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike that is offering all built-in upgrades in sturdy Chromoly steel built.

This bike is also good at offering a Flip flop hub that makes the eastside run comfy. Other than this, it comes with appealing looks that make this bike the best single-speed mountain bike for the year 2020.

Without any further ado, let’s dig deep into the details of each selected single speed mountain bike for today’s article. And after that, you can get the benefit from the buying guide you can use a product analysis guide so you can decide with full confidence on knowing the details about the bikes.

Let’s get started with the product insight!

10 Best Single Speed Mountain Bike

Let’s take a look at all the best single speed mountain bikes below.

1. Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike

Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike

Main Features

  • This comes with all built-in upgrades.
  • The design is sturdy with Chromoly steel built.
  • Flip flop hub makes the eastside run comfy.
  • Appealing looks make this bike headstrong among the crowd.
  • The sealed-bearing wheels make the journey really smooth. Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike is the overall best single speed mountain bike under 1000$ that can really do the best for you even if you are a beginner or an expert in your domain.

Q. How does Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike ranks as “Overall Best” in our list?

The first thing that catches your attention in this bike is its high-quality 4130 Chromoly steel built design that, alone, is enough to ensure perfect durability as well as reliability that can help you polish your skills in the best possible way.

Other than this, this fixed-gear single-speed bike comes with all the built-in upgrades that make it ready to use and less demanding giving you peace of mind and making you ready for a conversation with winds high above the mountains.

This bike takes the power through the 700x28C Session 700 tires exclusively made by Fyxation in 2009 and is now known worldwide for its premium durability and longevity.

The Pusher of this high-class bike is made with a combination of 6061 aero profile 700c rims and sealed bearing flip flop hub. Both are matching anodized giving the wheelsets an amazing look.

Q. How does Fyxation Eastside Fixed Gear Fixie Bike take care of the rider’s safety?

When riding a bike by tearing the resisting winds, safety should be the utmost priority while deciding on a bike. This Eastside Fyxation bike is offering a sturdy design that assures the best safety maintenance by offering 4130 Chromoly framesets that can handle pressures and forces while still maintaining the grip and a tag lightweight design.

Other than this, it features a flip-flop hub for running the bike at a fixed speed or a fixed gear that permits a purer and better workout. The wide tire clearance so you can fly around the town or mountains without the worry of incompatibility.

Other amazing features offered that also contribute towards the safety of riders are classic track geometry, fender mounts, and amazingly strong Session 700 tires that are world-famous for security and reliability.


  • Fixed gear bike
  • Premium build quality
  • Flip flop hub
  • Pusher Wheelset
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design


  • Apparently none

2. Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

Main Features

  • Available in two color combinations with black.
  • A unique design that looks different than competitors.
  • Comes with cable routing and rear brake routing.
  • Efficient carbon blades and tapered alloy steering.
  • Caliper brakes for on-road safety.

The next on our list is this Cinelli Tipo Pista Track bike that has won the user’s trust for great reliability, unique design, amazing on-road performance, picky safety features, and dark attire that can impress anyone and has made to be the best rigid single-speed mountain bike with all the exceptions.

Q. How this Cinella Tipo Pista Track Bike manages to be unique yet high-performing?

The Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike is loved and appraised for many good reasons as it is unique and still manages to be providing a classical ride. The bike comes with a sharp and bold exterior design, classic round Columbus alloy tubing, carbon fiber fork, and all other intelligent detailing that make it a literal perfect bike for any rider.

This smart bike is also featuring a smart track geometry and the option to ride either as a fixed-gear bike or as a single-speed bike.

The features of this bike make it the best fit for beginners as well as professionally skilled riders that seek a high-performing urban-touched bike without an ample budget.

There’s no doubt this bike is alluring and the features that make it this eye-catching include a firm aluminum frame that best suits training and racing, a comparatively small rake, impressive vertical angles, as well as longer dropouts resulting in perfect chain tension.

The above-mentioned features clearly depict that this is perfect for anyone who ever wished to ride a unique bike by Cinelli.

Q. How the general features offered by Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike can be summarized?

General features or you can say the major specs of any appliance describe its cost-effectiveness. The features offered by this bike include a Columbus alloy custom frame, Rear brake cable routing, weighing 1850g for the frame and 500g fork, External cable wiring, Track geometry, Cinelli Cork tape, and Single Speed​18t x 17t drivetrain.


  • A unique geometry design
  • Available in alluring dark colors
  • Rear brake cable routing
  • Best fit for all users
  • 700x25C tire clearance
  • Great performance
  • Highly reliable and durable


  • Expensive

3. Schwinn Stites Single-Speed Fixie Bike

Schwinn Stites Single-Speed Fixie Bike

Main Features

  • Best grade low profile quickly foldable bicycle.
  • Great design for low-space storage availability.
  • Perfect bike for trails, gravel roads, and paved streets.
  • Best fit for all heights.
  • Dynacraft bicycles are available in many colors.
  • Anti-skid tires are offering a superior grip.

The next appealing bike in our today’s list is the best cheap single speed mountain bike designed specifically for Dynacraft and thus, comes in a variety of eye-catching colors to match the personalities of both males and females.

Q. Which features make this XYSO folding bike best for day-to-day tasks?

Another adult bike on our list is this beautiful and uniquely designed XYSO folding bike that is the best option for those who always wanted to own a bike but have storage space issues. Also, this bike is available in 4 beautiful colors white, black, pink, and blue. So we can say, there’s a color choice for everyone even if you want straight colors or gender-specific colors.

This adult bicycle is a must-have for those who have to ride a bike multiple times a day like for students, office workers, in urban environments, and daily commuting.

It’s a quick and hassle-free folding design that can be folded in the blink of an eye just in 15 seconds without any irritability to assure the rider’s reliability and great convenience.

The quick foldable design also lets you take it with you inside premises where you cannot store it somewhere.

It’s a perfect fixed-speed mountain bike as it is offering a 7-speed grip shifter that allows you to ride perfectly on trails, gravel roads, and even paved streets meaning you have great versatility to go around with.

Q. Besides beauty, what safety features this bike is equipped with?

Talking about the rider’s facilities and safety, this bike is offering both in the lightest yet most efficient way. This super adult bike is equipped with a streamlined frame as well as anti-skid tires that are offering great grip over the surface to ensure a slip-free and safest ride across the town.

Adding on, the design comes with reduced wear and tear, which means the bike can be used easily even on rainy days on slippery roads.


  • Quickly foldable design
  • A color for every personality
  • Amazing grip on slippery surfaces
  • For all heights


  • None

4. Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

Main Features

  • A fixed-gear bike with a 700C wheel.
  • Steel racing frame and fork by Schwinn for a reliable ride.
  • Flip flop hub feature and 46tx18t drivetrain.
  • High strength and great performance during the bike riding time.
  • Front and rear caliper brakes for ultimate safety.

This is the third article by Schwinn in our today’s article for the best single speed mountain bike which means, only the name “Schwinn” is enough to trust the quality of the product in terms of reliability, performance, or durability. This Kedzie Single-speed Fixie Road Bike by Schwinn is another nice bike with a lightweight design to bike around the town.

Q. What are the features that make Kedzie Fixie Road Bike a must-have?

This one in our list under the name Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike is a great combination of high fixed-gear capability, amazing sleek looks, beautiful color chassis, and a comfortable ride around the town.

This bike can be used to get through the daily commuting needs of students, job holders, or any other person who just loves to ride on a shore side for inner peace.

The design of this Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike can be described in three parts or divisions including the build-material, wheels & rims, and brakes.

First comes the build-material that would define the user’s comfort and durability of the product. This bike is made with Schwinn’s special steel racing frame as well as a fork that ensures a highly responsive, precise, and reliable bike ride around the town.

Other than this, this bike is equipped with a 46t x 18t single-speed drivetrain in fixed gear along with the flip-flop hub that ensures a ride just as you wish and want.

It also assures perfect grip and a smoother ride with its 700C wheels fitted with the 32H alloy rim to provide a sturdy and strengthened bike design.

Q. How this bike does assure us of safety?

First, among many, the bike is designed for city riding and hence features front and rear caliper brakes which means you have quick all-condition stopping power all the time.

Secondly, the seat of the bike is made with quality material to assure comfort within a non-slip and resistant design.  


  • Nice color combinations
  • Reliable and performs efficiently
  • Strong 700C wheels
  • Selective lifetime warranty
  • Supports flip-flop hub


  • Fixed cog is sold separately
  • Not for professional riders

5. Sandwichbikes WF1 Bike

Sandwichbikes WF1 Bike

Main Features

  • Smart and genius wood patterned design that best suits every personality.
  • High-quality build-up material that assures quality.
  • Furnished with quality components that work to assure great reliability.
  • Supports fixed gear and single speed riding around the town.
  • The most comfortable saddle and front and rear brakes.

The last one on our list is this amazing and uniquely wood-pattern-designed Sandwichbikes WF1 Bike that assures high performance on the roads while keeping you on the safe side. By reading and considering all the aspects of this bike, we’ve decided to include this in our list.

Although it’s the last one it isn’t any lesser in providing comfort and grace like any other capable bike on our long list.

Q. How this Sandwichbikes WF1 Bike manages to offer high precision with ultimate comfort?

The experience of riding on the Sandwichbikes WF1 Bike can be best described as a comfortable and forgiving bike to ride on. The wooden base frame is another exception and uniqueness about this bike that gives it a natural soothing yet sturdy look.

The Sandwichbike is offering a design more likely to be a DIY concept. It offers the easiest possible assembly for an easy and quicker trip around the town. Usually, these bikes don’t demand any fixation but this bike demands a little fixing and for this, it comes bundled with all the necessary tools to keep you irritation-free.

This bike also wins the customer’s trust in regards to amazing handling as it is offering high maneuverability, great and quick responsiveness, and reactivity.

The bike comes equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple 26” tires that are highly durable, enough resilient, and quite comfortable so you can move around with a free spirit.

The wood used on the bike’s structure is pure plywood sourced locally and is tested for reliability and durability. Other parts of the bike are also highly sustainable and durable to provide a long life expectancy.

This bike, for sure, is a great quality pick as the best single speed mountain bike that is worth every penny. 

Lightweight design matters a lot when we bike around the town, although it is sturdy it still manages to be lightweight at only 37 lbs weight which allows you to maneuver and roam around with great comfort.  

Q. What is the most attractive and eye-catching thing about this Sandwichbikes WF1?

Another great hallmark of this bike is its customizability that uses different specialized printing techniques along with custom-made designs for customers and artwork to give this bike a very personally-touched look as a true objectification of your personality.


  • High-rated quality bike
  • Unique wood-touched design
  • Lightweight at 37lbs
  • Attractive and super comfortable
  • Allows customization


  • Comparatively expensive

6. Diamondback Lux 3 Women`s Mountain Bike

Diamondback Lux 3 Women`s Mountain Bike

Main Features

  • A nimble trail bike that is highly stable even through descents.
  • The design supports effortless terrain by providing extra standover clearance.
  • The aluminum frame is sturdy and dust-repellant for longer durability.
  • Premium control over bumps and corners with 120mm front suspension.
  • Shorter tube length that helps women/girls sit more upright.

As the article continues, we continue to elaborate on the best single-speed fixed-gear mountain bike review so you can get the best bike for you or for your kiddos who love to flee around the town and love going for adventures.

Q. Why this Lux 3 Women’s bike by Diamondback is exceptionally everyone’s favorite?

The manufacturer Diamondback launches three bikes in the Lux series under the names Lux 1, Lux 2, and Lux 3. The one on our list, the Lux 3, raises the bar with its astonishing features that make it worthy for perfect and highly facilitated bike rides.

The Lux 3 is an amazing choice equally good for beginners as well as for those who are now ready to shift to more aggressive and tricky terrain. It’s a nimble trail bike that allows you to get through any hurdle, descent, curve, or cut on the road without losing control or balance.

The ride on this Lux 3 bike by Diamondback is surely going to fill your soul with ultimate rider’s passion, thanks to its women’s specific design that comes with 760mm wide Race Face Aeffect 35 handlebars that will put you in a power-filled athletic stance.

The manufacturers have been successful at providing simplistic yet sturdy designs by featuring SRAM’s GX single-ring drivetrain (specifically designed for mountain biking) that provides its users with excellent shifting precision and great control over the ride.

Another best part that makes this lux 3 especially favorable for girls is the negotiated top tube length. It’s the distance between the head tube and the seat post on the bike that helps the girls to sit more upright comparatively.

Q. How does this bike is taking care of women’s safety during biking?

The frame is specifically designed for women that provides smoother maneuverability around twisting roads. Also, the design is premium aluminum equipped with durable dirt-worthy components to take care of safety. Another best safety feature is, it allows fuel-efficient control in corners and bumps, thanks to its RockShox Judy Silver TK fork 120mm front suspension.


  • A perfect blend of premium features
  • Sturdy yet lightweight design
  • Favorable for women
  • Full control over bumps and corners
  • Good for all level riders


  • Expensive

7. Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike

Main Features

  • The best steel single speed mountain bike
  • Perfect for everyday biking use along with adventurous uses.
  • A rainbow-colored fashion bike that best suits the lively souls of young girls.
  • Steel rails and comfortable leather saddle for convenience.
  • Dual alloy caliper brakes provide full control over speed.
  • Lightweight and sturdy high-profile alloy rims.

Your search for the best single-speed mountain bike that provides superior control over the ride while facilitating you with all the necessary features along with the perfect girly color combination might come to stop as you read the details of this perfect girly Adult fixer bike.

It wouldn’t be any wrong to say it’s a fashion bike with all the premium features of a professionally efficient bike.

Q. How is the Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike a premium quality mountain bike for women?

Young girls around us are all full of life living and loving their lives while spreading the beautiful rainbow colors where ever they go. If there could be a bike that best matches their inner spirit and can symbolize what these girls really are, this bike is the one.

This bike is best made for day-to-day biking needs like going to work, going out for a relaxing ride, nearby visits, cruising at the beach, and tackling little daily tasks. Other than this. It’s also good for taking part in small-scale racing circles with competitors. In short, this bike can be a girl’s best buddy for daily life.

The quality is measured in terms of reliability and expected performance. This bike is offering a surprisingly comfortable steel frame along with a super comfortable leather-made saddle to provide definite comfort during the ride.

Other than this, the bike is furnished with premium-quality alloy rims giving a lightweight yet sturdy compatibility along with the best possible stability and durability.

Q. How does the Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike make us trust its safety features?

No matter what, safety is always the utmost priority and this Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails Bike is no way back to providing the best safety. The bike is furnished with front and rear brakes as well as dual alloy caliper brakes which means no matter what the situation is, you have your hands on stopping power all the time.

The steel rails, along with the brakes, are also there to ensure quite safe and secure bike riding around the city.


  • Best matches girl’s lively souls
  • For day-to-day biking around the city
  • Comfortable, sturdy, and reliable


  • Not a professional bike

8. Schwinn Single 700C Fixed Gear Road Bike

Main Features

  • Aluminum frame and steel fork ultimate safety and strength.
  • Front & rear caliper brakes to assuring quick stops.
  • Premium-looking colored rims for an urban touch.
  • Handlebars are drop bars.
  • Color-matching bike parts for a decent look.

The next on our list is the Schwinn Single 700C Fixed Gear Road Bike that has won the user’s trust for great reliability, amazing on-road performance, picky safety features, and colorful (orange) attire that can impress anyone and has become another best single speed hardtail mountain bike.

Q. How this Schwinn Single 700C Bike is so reliable and convenient?

The Schwinn Single 700C Fixed Gear Road Bike has won many hearts since its launch and the main reason behind the successful momentum is probably the sleek and highly professional appearance of this bike.

This bike is offering an eye-catching orange-colored design that can fill up any soul with the perks of energy and livelihood. Other than this, all the components of the bike are color matched with the base color to ensure eye-catching looks. The design is a combination of vivid orange and bright white colors.

This Schwinn Single is basically a fixie road bike with powerful and strong 700C wheels which are exceptionally designed to give the bike a lightweight, sleek, and simple look. Despite the simplistic look, the bike successfully marks an impression of strength and efficiency in performance as it looks professionally designed and expensive.

Adding on, the bike features front and rear calipers brakes which means no matter what the situation is, you have your hands on quick all-condition stopping power all the time.

Other features that make this bike a great pick as the best budget single-speed mountain bike include the facility of drop handlebars for an agile body position while riding, premium rims for urban touch, and an amazing flip-flop hub so you can use the bike as a fixed gear or as a freewheel just as you wish to.

Although the design looks quite slimmer, still, it is efficient enough to provide greater reliability and an amazing grip over road surfaces. Even when riding at speed, it gives you full control over the curves, bumps, cuts, or trails meaning you can ride like a breeze.


  • Eye-catching colors
  • Great reliability
  • Sleek urban-touched design
  • Front and rear calipers brakes


  • Cheap inner tubes
  • Requires on and off maintenance

9. State Bicycle 4130 with Drop Handles

State Bicycle 4130 with Drop Handles

Main Features

  • Smart and genius color selection that best suits every personality.
  • Double-butted high-quality 4130-grade Chromoly steel build-up assures quality.
  • Furnished with Die-Cast Dropouts that work as Internal Chain-Tensioners.
  • Supports fixed gear and single speed riding around the town.
  • The most comfortable saddle and front and rear brakes.

Our long list of the best single speed mountain bikes is coming to an end and has responsibly concluded the best picks from the market for the best mountain bike single speed. The next on our list is State Bicycle 4130, like the previous one from our list, it offers drop handles for a unique experience of bike riding on a daily basis.

Q. Why this State Bicycle 4130 is such precise and sturdy?

This State Bicycle 4130 with Drop Handles in our list is exclusively known for its drop handles design that is offering a perfect cost-effective and efficient design available in an amazing color combination of Magenta, Cyan, White, and Black that adds another level of glory to the design making it the best fit for all type of personalities.

The bike looks sleek with a nice expensive and professional look but is also extremely sturdy and high-performing. This model gets its name from its build material as this bike is made up of double-butted high-quality 4130-grade Chromoly steel that assures premium quality with every step.

This helps in providing the body and fork with amazing strength while still keeping the overall weight of the bike in control.

The bike is also offering unique Die-Cast dropouts that feature internal Chain-Tensioners to assure where ever and whenever you ride, you ride with pride, comfort, and convenience.

The design of this bike is providing fixed gear or single speed riding with the highest reliability for the ease of the user.

Q. Is there any discomfort associated with the drop handles of this bike?

Either drop handles or normal handles, manufacturers always try to input maximum reliance. This bike is featuring a drop handle design which is probably the best and most versatile bar option one could ever have as it allows the user to sit in the most aerodynamic posture.

Other than this, the synthetic leather-made saddle, steel rails, and front & rear brakes make sure that the rider won’t ever feel any kind of discomfort.


  • Promotes aerodynamic sitting
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Made with 4130-grade steel
  • Die-cast dropouts
  • Flip flop hub
  • 3 handlebar options


  • Apparently none

10. Gravity G29 FS 29er Single Speed Mountain Bike

Main Features

  • Simplest single-speed handling bike.
  • SunTour 29er Suspension FORK for great reliability.
  • It assured long travel along with the lockout system.
  • Disc Brake that is fit for beginners.
  • Aluminum rim assures greater performance along with durability.

In the growing world, the options are endless for any need. The best mountain bike can be an efficient buddy for carrying out day-to-day cycling tasks. This bike is probably the best crankset single speed mountain bike in our today’s article. It pleases its user in many ways and one among them is the eye-catching color to energize the soul with every ride.

All the above-mentioned single-speed bikes are our top picks from the market and you can trust any of them but knowingly and accordingly. Every bike was explained honestly to give you a sneak peek into all of them. If still, that wasn’t enough, our buying guide below will help you significantly.

Q. What are some nicest features of the Gravity G29 FS 29er Single Speed Mountain Bike?

The second last on our list is Gravity G29 FS 29er Single Speed Mountain Bike which is another nice single speed mountain bike to get going with the flow in the lightest way possible.

This bike is offering many amazing features that make it the best fit for beginners that don’t have an ample grip over bumps and nooks and need plenty of practice before being an expert.

Gravity G29 is the best simplest single speed bike that allows the easiest handling and hence, minimizes the risks of mishaps or any injuries accidentally. The design is professionally designed to keep the rider in a perfectly upright position and hence pose a low strain on the body and maintains good health.

If you aren’t new to bike riding, probably you always wanted to ride a Single Speed drivetrain that comes equipped with 29er as well the Disc Brakes and an amazing SunTour 29er Lockout fork to keep you covered in all regards.

You can also take part in general area competitions, thanks to its competition-ready components and high detailing.

Usually, mountain bikes come equipped with two types of brakes, disc brakes that are favorable for beginners and rim brakes that work well for skilled riders. This bike is equipped with high-rated Disc Brakes that are more powerful and sturdier.

The combination of Front Suspension and Lockout in this bike is capable of absorbing and resisting external shocks thus making it a nice choice for beginners once again.

The handling is very responsive and yet stable. Singletrack and switchbacks are all handled with ease. Slow speed and high speed, technical and flat-out hammering, you will go faster because this bike is so capable. If you love the ride of the Gary Fisher Marlin, Cobia or Mamba; you will love the ride of this Gravity 29er bike.


  • Easy and stable handling
  • Good for beginners
  • The nice vivid color combination
  • Lightweight design
  • Features disc brakes
  • Technical and flat-out hammering


  • Not a well-equipped bike

Buying Guide of Best Single Speed Mountain Bike, A Complete Insight

When we see so many options for the best-fixed speed mountain bikes in the markets and online, the first question that hits our senses is, what is the best single speed mountain bike to own for ultimate convenience?

Well, the definition of the best one depends upon your specific needs and the features that you are ready to pay for. For instance, here’s a buying guide that can help you in making the best decision. 

1. Bike Style

Mountain bikes are available in different styles and unique designs, if you are a rider, you would know what suits you best but if you are a beginner, you can search and decide on a style.

The trial bikes are usually most commonly used by those who do a lot of descents and also climb on the trailhead. For this, 120 to 140mm suspension travel is good enough.

Secondly, Cross-Country Bikes are used by speed-chasers and climbers. It’s more of a racing bike and for this, 80 to 100mm suspension travel is good enough.  

Next is the Fat Bikes featuring overly sized tires up to 5 inches and are good for beginners for riding even on sand and snow.

Moreover, some bikes are All-Mountain Bikes that are much like the trail bikes but exclusively powerful, and thus, are used by highly skilled riders. These bikes usually offer 140 to 170mm suspension travel.

2. Suspension

The suspension comes into the light for absorbing and resisting a great amount of shock. So, for beginners, it is important to select a bike with full suspension for their safety because this can handle a lot.

Usually, rigid mountain bikes never come equipped with suspension and are rare whereas cross-country bikes and mountain bikes offer a hardtail suspension and are cheaper than those which are offering full suspension.

3. Wheel Size

Wheel size usually depends on the size and design of the bike hence the best size cannot be stated clearly. Wheels generally come in sizes of 26 in., 27.5 in., and 29 in. The bikes designed for kids generally have a 24 in. wheel size but today, a lot of wheel sizes are available and the best one can be stated by personal experience or guidance only.  

4. Frame

The frame is the ultimate provider of reliability, strength, and durability as well so it should always be of good quality. The most appraised frame is aluminum alloy for providing the best possible strength while still keeping the design at a low weight.

Other frames available are of carbon fiber, titanium, or steel. Steel is also sturdy and strengthened but it adds more pounds to the overall weight whereas carbon and titanium are premium quality but add more bucks to the price.

5. Size

Mountain bikes come in S, M, and L sizes and there isn’t much difference across the various brands. If you’re not sure, it’s best to go with a smaller frame as it’s easier to work around than a frame that’s too large. As always you should test ride a bike before committing to it.

6. Maintenance

Every appliance or machine demands time-to-time maintenance to keep up the standards of performance. In the case of bikes, luckily, maintenance doesn’t demand much, and bikes come bundled with the necessary tools. Still try to select a bike with the least demanding maintenance.

7. Brakes

Brakes can never be taken for granted as they are the premium safety feature for any bike. Usually, bikes offer two types of brakes including disc brakes and rim brakes. Apparently, both have pros as well as cons.

However, as an overall decision, disc brakes are good for beginners as they don’t demand much of power and vice versa.


Q. Are single speed mountain bikes good?

Yes, Why not! The bikes are extremely good and reliable for many good reasons. You sometimes need to fix some parts before use and once you are done, you are all set to put the roads on fire.  

They’re extremely reliable and due to fixed gear property, the rider can focus more on the health training rather than the calculations of gears and speeds. They are light, sturdy, and efficient to provide good reliability. With almost zero maintenance, no gears to clean especially in winter, and no derailleurs to break, these bikes, for sure, are good.

Q. Does a single-speed make you stronger?

These single speed bikes come with only one gear that lets you focus on the quality of riding and fitness training in more depth. It imposes many health benefits and above all is, it makes you stronger.

The root cause behind making your legs stronger is the need of cranking up hills in harder gear. It defines the legs and makes the rider even stronger over time.

Q. Can single speed bikes go up hills?

The single-speed bikes come with fixed gears and are usually simplistic bikes to get along the town for day-to-day chores. Not everyone can go up hills with single speed bikes as it is pretty hard to achieve but still, isn’t impossible.

A skilled and determined rider can conquer the fairly steep hills while riding these single speed bikes. And even when it’s too hard, the solution is simple, just climb off and walk through the tough path.

Q. Is single-speed bad for knees?

Excess and bad handling of even the best-made appliances could be bad. Hurting knees while riding a single mountain bike could be just a matter of time.

If you add more to that strain during the ride, it will definitely accelerate the process. Single Speed Mountain bikes aren’t as bad for the knees or overall posture as the fixes bike. The reason is, these single-speed bikes come with high-efficient brake systems and coasting but the geared bikes are the most convenient or easiest on the knees.

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