How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes?

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How to Get Bike Grease Out of Clothes? Dishwashing liquid is ideal for treating fresh bike grease stains on clothes. You just put a drop of the liquid on the stain and wash it with cold water. Other options are also available, such as baking soda, shampoo or bar soap, and spot remover. 

This guide has compiled a step-by-step guide to help remove bike grease stains on your clothes. These steps have been proven and tested to be efficient and effective. 

What are the different methods used to remove bike grease out of clothes?

What are the different methods used to remove bike grease out of clothes

Luckily, you can use a wide array of home chemicals for bike grease removal. Here are some of the things you might have at home: 

  • dishwashing liquid 
  • baking soda
  • shampoo
  • washing powder or laundry detergent 
  • spot remover 

The efficacy of these products may differ, but that will depend on how they’re applied. Any avid biker will understand how simple it is to get stained, but you must adhere to one rule.

You should be extra careful of fabric type, as most clothes are sensitive to chemicals and might get damaged in fabric removal. 

If you have sensitive skin, wear proper rubber gloves before handling the chemicals. You should do research, particularly if you have skin conditions. 

Method #1. Liquid detergent 

It’s common knowledge that many people still don’t know that dishwashing liquid is a practical choice when dealing with bike grease. Here’s what you need to do. 

  1. Apply the necessary amount to the garment with bike grease stain. Strong shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and laundry detergent break down grease and oil.

That’s why they’re used to washing greasy kitchen utensils and dishes. When removing the stains from the clothing, you can use an ample amount on the area and brush it with an old toothbrush. 

You can also combine the liquid detergent with baking soda and paste it. You can apply it to the stained area and gently brush until it foams. 

  1. Use cold water to wash the stained area. Let the mixture or liquid detergent soak for at least two minutes. Rinse it thoroughly in running cold water. 

Ensure the stained area is facing down, and you’re rinsing through the back of the garment. 

  1. Continue washing the clothes in the washing machine as per the instructions provided on the care label. Air-dry it and check if the bike grease stain has vanished. If not, you can repeat the process until it’s completely removed. 

Method #2. Baking soda

This method is perfect if you’re opting for a more biologically-friendly approach.

  1. Uncover the grease-stained area and add some baking soda on it. Did you know baking soda is efficient when used over grease stains and bike grease contaminations? It’s highly efficient when dealing with fragile fabric
  1. Let the baking soda sit on the fabric for eight hours or overnight. In the morning, brush it off, and you’ll see that the baking soda absorbed a portion of the stain. 
  1. Wash the garment as per care label guidelines. Note that hand washing is ideal if you like to eliminate grease stains from sensitive textiles. You can also use washing detergent as directed in the manual. 

Method #3. Laundry detergent 

This method is ideal if the fabric you use is made of synthetic materials. Here’s the step you need to follow.

  1. Do pre-treatment with the washing powder. Apply a small amount of washing powder to the stained garment. Rub it gently and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes.
  1. Wash the stained area under cold running water. Use the same method as with liquid detergents. You should run the tap water from the back towards the front of the stained garment to eliminate the grease from the surface.
  1. Wash your clothes inside the washing machine as per the care label instructions. Rinse it as you do with the regular laundry to eliminate the grease. Let the stained garment dry. 

Remember that this process doesn’t apply to silk or wool fabrics. 

Method #4. Spot remover and hot water

This is another recommended way of removing permanent bike grease stains on clothes. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

  1. Spray a generous amount of spot remover on the grease stain. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the stain off the fabric. Let the spot remover sit for a while you’re boiling the water. 
  1. Move the garment into a wash bin or deep tub and immerse it in hot water. Ensure you pour the hot water from a higher point straight toward the bike grease-stained area.
  1. Turn the garment inside-out and repeat the process above to eliminate the grease from your clothes.
  1. Rinse your garment with the prescribed detergent and air dry it. 

Method #5. Shampoo

Shampoo is made to eliminate oil in the hair. Thus, it’s likely to work in the same way when removing bike grease.

  1. Apply shampoo to the stained area. Cover the stain with shampoo and let it sit for 5 minutes. 
  1. Scrub the area with a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt, grime, and oil from the garment. 
  1. Rinse it by spraying clean, cold water to remove the grease and shampoo from the clothes. You can wash your garment using regular washing powder or detergent to get the rest of the stains out. 
  1. Dry on a washing line or air dry flat to avoid wrinkles. 


Keep in mind that bike grease stains are effortlessly removed, giving the proper knowledge and appropriate bike grease stain removal approach in the removal process. 

Feel free to use this guide every time your bike clothes get stained. You should let these experiences interrupt the fun you get out of riding. 

We hope you find this guide informative and useful at the same time. Which of these treatment options have you used in the past? Share your thoughts with us. If you want to replace your existing bike and looking for the best bike on the market, you can consider reading our Best Affordable Mountain Bike guide.

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